Apprenticeship and advanced training skills

Our programs are focused on bringing anyone, from any background, with any level of knowledge, to a place where they know, understand and feel confident to work with herbs for the purpose of healing body, mind and Spirit.

First Level Herbal Apprenticeship

Students get hands-on experience making tinctures, teas, salves oils, herbal sprays and flower essences, etc. while being exposed to such various herbal traditions as Chinese, Ayurveda and Western Herbalism

Advanced Clinical Training Program

The Advanced Clinical Training Program teaches essential skills to become a practicing clinical herbalist. There are three components: diagnostic classes, herbal clinics and intensive weekends with nationally known herbalists.

Advanced Mentoring/Supervision Group

This course is designed to support students in the ongoing challenge of working with clients. As part of an herbal supervision community, you will have the opportunity to develop new competencies and feel more confident in what you are doing.