Palmistry as a tool of diagnostics and character analysis

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Dates: January 2020, Sundays: 11, 18, 25
Instructor: Linda Patterson, M.A., Clinical Herbalist, Palmistry Instructor
Fee: $222 plus $25 materials fee (non-refundable)
Location: 12 Pelham Terrace, Arlington, MA 02476

Come explore the ancient art of palmistry. Learn how to unlock the secrets and mysteries held within each of our hands. Be pleasantly surprised by the information available through this simple yet reliable tool that has been used for thousands of years. There is no prior experience necessary. Palmistry is a wonderful tool to track changes in people’s lives and, as herbalists, to assess the physical, emotional and spiritual health of our clients. The course will include information on hand shapes and their meaning, all major and  minor lines, how to read between the lines, mounds, fingers, printing palms and its importance in tracking changes, common oddities, and how to do a reading.

 This is a science, there is no psychic or intuitive ability used or needed.  This course offers all the necessary information to interpret the meanings of the hands, palms and lines.  Certification is awarded upon completion.  

 The information covered includes:

·      The rules

·      Comparing past to present

·      Hand shapes and their meanings

·      Printing palms and it’s importance

·      Fingers

·      Mounds

·      Flexibility

·      Spaces

·      Lines

·      How to read between the lines

·      Common oddities

·      The do’s and don’ts

·      Putting readings together

·      What to expect

·      Commonly asked questions

 Since the palms can change every six months it’s important to print those close to us, enabling us to track the changes in their lives.