Addressing Major Mental Health Issues with Western Herbalism, Chinese Medicine and First Nation Approaches


October 19, 20; 10:00-5:00 p.m.
Instructor:  Chris Marano, Master Herbalist, Clear Path Herbals
Fee: $250 non-refundable
Location: 168 Lincoln Rd., Lincoln, MA

Anti-depressant usage among Americans has increased over four hundred per cent in recent years. With so many people using psychotropic medications, it is imperative for herbalists and others to have an understanding of major mind/body disorders including ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep issues and various forms of depression and anxiety.

Herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle suggestions gleaned from time-tested wisdom and healing traditions are broad-reaching and deep in their medicine. They address all aspects of our being, helping people to not only navigate their lives and manage their issues better, but also to get to the root of issues for deeper healing. Among these traditions, Chris will discuss the Chinese Five Element Theory, Buddhist psychology, Western neurobiology - the Autonomic Nervous System and the Vagus nerve, the Endocannabinoid System, and the First Nation Trauma model.

There will be a focus on well-known and lesser utilized herbs and mushrooms, including adaptogenic herbs to reduce stress, nutritive tonic herbs to enhance vitality, nervines (restoratives, relaxants and stimulants) and entheogens – master plants that inspire spiritual experiences. Chris will also include aromatherapy and flower essences. There will be information on weaning off problematic drug protocols. Among the herbs that will be discussed in depth are motherwort, blue vervain, bee balm, St. Johnswort, white peony, agrimony.

Chris Marano, RH, MA, BS, is a registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild and is the founder of Clearpath Herbals with over thirty years’ experience as a teacher of Buddhist and Taoist meditation, psychology and philosophy. He holds bachelors and master’s degrees in pre-medicine, Chinese philosophy-spirituality and science education from Columbia University., a graduate herbal degree from the Herbal Therapeutics School of Botanic Medicine, Chinese Buddhist and Taoist training from the Chan Center of NYC, Cherokee and Anishnabe medicine training from First Nation elders and teachers.