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Winter 2014

We are delighted that two master herbalists: Paul Bergner and Phyllis Light  will be joining us in the next few months for weekend intensives. Paul will be teaching about Insulin Resistance; Pathophysiology, Natural and Herbal Therapeutics on March 29, 30 at 
22 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, MA (not in Arlington) and Phyllis will be discussing Natural Approaches to Major Mental Health Issues on 
May 24, 25.

Linda Patterson will doing the second level of her extraordinary Aromatherapy Certification Course beginning January 18 and will be teaching the Alchemy of Soap Making on Saturday, February 9. 

We are also pleased to introduce two new courses: Healing Depression; Balancing the Brain, Heart, and Gut on April 3 and Addressing Seasonal Affective Disorder with Patrice Green on February 27.

In addition, we are offering classes on Lyme Disease; Hope for a Silent Epidemic; Natural Baby and Toddler Care, and Natural Approaches to Fertility. 

Here is what we have coming up in the next few months.
Green Blessings,
Madelon Hope

Upcoming Classes - Check for Webinars

Advanced Aromatherapy Certification Course
Saturday, January 18, February 15, March 8, April 5
10:00-5:00 p.m. $400 plus $50 material fee  
16 Doris Rd., Framingham, MA
Linda Patterson, Clinical Herbalist, Aromatherapist
Prerequisite: Introductory Aromatherapy

This class is designed for those who want to deepen their knowledge of essential oils and learn new, effective ways to deliver them.  We begin by refining our intuition and using the  pendulum as a tool for dowsing. From there our journey takes us to kinesiology, where we learn to communicate directly with the body. In doing so, we are able to select the oils best suited for each condition. We also cover reflexology as a mode of transporting the oils into the body. Learning the reflexes allows us to promote healing from the inside out and gives us one of the greatest tools for absorption of essential oils. Finally, we address the chemistry of essential oils. By delving into the chemical make-up of these complex oils and using their constituents to determine our selections, we anchor their properties into our repertoire of knowledge.

The Alchemy of Soap Making
Sunday, February 9, 1:00-3:30 p.m. $35 plus $10 materials fee
12 Pelham Terrace, Arlington, MA
Linda Patterson, Clinical Herbalist, Aromatherapist
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Come learn the ancient art of soap making this fall. Watch the demonstration of kitchen chemistry reveal techniques for creating beautiful and successful soap. The workshop will cover the benefits of different ingredients: coconut oil, palm kernel, olive and shea butter, as well as molds, recipes and tools. All participants will leave with a sample of soap made that day.

Lyme Disease: Hope for a Silent Epidemic
Monday, March 17, 6:30-9:30 p.m. $25 
4 Minebrook Rd., Lincoln, MA
Tommy Priester, Clinical Herbalist
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Lyme disease has become epidemic in the Northeast, causes much suffering, and is often not well addressed by conventional medicine. In this talk, we will discuss the various symptoms of Lyme and how to diminish them. You will also learn how Lyme can impact health by deactivating the body’s immune response and impairing body function. There will be extensive discussion of herbal protocols and life style changes to help heal this complex health problem.  

Healing Depression: Balancing the Brain, the Heart and the Gut
Thursday, April 3 6:30-9:30 p.m. $25
12 Pelham Terrace, Arlington
Madelon Hope, Clinical Herbalist, Licensed Psychotherap
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To heal depression, we need to move beyond the conventional focus on the brain and its neurotransmitters. New research indicates that the heart and the gut both play a significant role in mood regulation. In this class, we will look at the physiology of these three major centers of consciousness and how to balance them with specific herbs and foods. We will discuss circulatory stimulants, sedatives and mood balancing herbs for brain and digestive function, shen tonics for healing heart/mind imbalances and fermented foods and anti-inflammatories for better gut function. You will leave the class with information on how to feel better by soothing, balancing and nourishing the nervous system throughout the body.

Addressing Seasonal Affective Disorder
Thursday, February 27, 6:30-9:30 p.m. $25
12 Pelham Terrace, Arlington
Patrice Green, Herbal Educator
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During the darkest months, some people experience fatigue, melancholy, craving for carbohydrates, and an increased need for sleep. Seasonal Affective Disorder is becoming increasingly common and can affect sufferers in the summer as well. In this workshop, we will explore the possible triggers for Seasonal Affective Disorder and how to address them. We will discuss herbs to help correct neuro-endocrine imbalances, flower essences to help bring light into our lives, essential oils to soothe and nurture us during the winter journey, and nutrition and exercise to help balance and strengthen the body. We will also talk about light therapy to increase levels of serotonin and inhibit production of melatonin during the day. Finally, we will look at how to synchronize our lives with the cycles and rhythms of the earth. 

Natural Baby and Toddler Care
Sunday, April 6, 11:00-1:00 p.m. $25
12 Pelham Terrace, Arlington, MA
Rachel Eliza Hope, Holistic Health Counselor and Herbal Educator
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This workshop is an introduction to natural care for babies and toddlers from birth to age three. We will discuss gentle, effective remedies for common ailments and whole foods nutrition to support immunity and prevent colds. Topics include natural remedies for teething, digestive upsets, colds and skin problems along with healthy first food options. We will also address eco-friendly ways to eliminate toxins from our baby’s and toddler’s environment. Finally, we will look at nourishing and safe choices for baby and toddler care products, some of which can be made at home.   

Natural Approaches to Fertility
Thursday, March 20, 6:30-9:30 p.m. $25
12 Pelham Terrace, Arlington, MA
Krystina Friedlander, Herbal Educator
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This class is a resource for those seeking natural ways to address their reproductive needs. There will be information on reproductive functioning, the signs of fertility, tools for tracking these signs and guidelines for achieving optimal outcomes. We will also discuss herbs that tone and nourish the reproductive system and enhance fertility. This approach helps deepen our awareness of our bodies and empowers us in our relationship with care providers. 

Insulin Resistance: Pathophysiology, Natural and Herbal Therapeutics
Saturday and Sunday March 29, 30 
10:00-5:00 p.m., $250
22 Mt. Auburn St., MA
Paul Bergner, Master Herbalist
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Insulin Resistance lies at the root of many of the modern plagues: type two diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, breast, colon and prostate cancers, and some endocrine disorders such a polycystic ovarian syndrome. It also contributes to obesity, hypertension and atherosclerosis. 
In this two day intensive, students will learn the pathophysiology of insulin resistance, and the influence of diet, exercise, nutrition and herbs. Correcting insulin resistance with simple, natural therapeutics can cause the symptoms to rapidly disappear. We will present case studies and a protocol for insulin resistance and type two diabetes that has been used successfully for the last fifteen years at the teaching clinic of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. Students will gain competence in the clinical application of these protocols and the specific herbs that help address insulin and blood sugar disorders.

Shamanic Plant Journeying 
Tuesday, April 8, May 13
6:15-9:30 p.m. $25 
4 Minebrook Rd., Lincoln, MA 
Tommy Priester, Clinical Herbalist
Contact: www.bearmedicineherbs.com
This experience illustrates how physical and spiritual energies of a plant affect all levels of being. Participants meet the physical plant, experience the tincture and open to the energies of the flower essence. Through drumming and guided meditation, we make contact with plant wisdom for our own personal healing and the healing of the earth. This is a workshop for beginning and intermediate
herbalists as well for those who want to learn more about
shamanic journeying.

Medicinal Plant Walks
Sunday, April 27, May 11, Saturday, June 21
1:00-3:00 p.m.
Rock Meadow, Belmont, MA
Madelon Hope and staff

Learn to identify healing plants in our area. Medicinal plants are everywhere - in our backyards, along the streets we walk, and in open spaces all around us. We will look at plants ranging from the familiar: dandelion and goldenrod, to the less well known: motherwort, burdock, Solomon’s seal, ground ivy and elder. You will learn which parts of the plants are used medicinally and how they nourish us and support health. We meet at the entrance to Rock Meadow in Belmont.

Natural Approaches to Major Mental Health Issues
Saturday and Sunday, May 24, 25 
10:00-5:00 p.m., $250
12 Pelham Terrace, Arlington, MA
Phyllis D. Light, Master Herbalist
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On Saturday, Phyllis will offer new perspectives on mind/body disorders including ADD/ADHD, bipolar, celiac, OCD, autism and depression. She will discuss how herbal and nutritional protocols and lifestyle changes can help address these major imbalances and affect neurotransmitter functioning and oxidative stress. Finally she will examine how the liver, brain, and nervous system work together to sustain health. 

Any type of addiction takes more than just a strong will or good intentions to stop. On Sunday, Phyllis will look at different types of addictions and how they affect the brain and the body. She will provide information about the herbs, supplements and other natural remedies that help alleviate symptoms of withdrawal, fortify the mind/body connection and support vital systems and will power. Be prepared to have some of your beliefs about addictions challenged.

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